speculative fiction from the other side of the ocean

Fulvio Gatti - ESL writer

Fulvio Gatti is an Italian ESL speculative fiction writer. He writes in English because, if it’s true that a flying saucer will never land in Lucca like Fruttero and Lucentini said, it was indeed Enrico Fermi who asked “Where is everybody?”. His short stories have appeared in anthologies and bundles. His international report has appeared on January 2020 issue of Locus.

Two completed novels are in search of a publisher. His latest Italian novel is La vita sociale delle sagome di cartone (Las Vegas Edizioni), among many published books in his country. In the northwestern wine hills of Piemonte, Italy where he lives he works as a local reporter and event organizer.

Radio Interview

Borgo d'Autore - Venosa (2018)

Superhero Talk

Public Event, Torino (2019)

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